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Counselling and Pastoral Services

Help and a listening ear when you need it most

Life can be challenging. The past two years have seen a rise in depression and stress as people struggle to cope with the effects of the pandemic. Many young people have found themselves battling with mental health issues and are searching for a way to cope.

For older adults, there are additional pressures associated with spiraling cost of living and trying to care for their families. It seems that every day there is something new, and many are looking for help. Sometimes just a listening ear can help put everything into perspective.

Our counseling and pastoral services are just what you need. We have trained, experienced counselors who will offer you a safe space to express what's in your heart. There's no judgment, no condemnation. Just an avenue for you to talk to someone who cares, and receive helpful and supportive advice. We help you find calm in the midst of your storm.

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