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Each jar or Nature’s Traits Shea whipped body butter is made using premium ingredients and has a
unique combination of fatty acids and antioxidants that keep skin looking nourished and moisturised for
hours. Jam-packed with vitamin C and vitamin E properties, your skin will be super-charged daily if used
daily. Can be applied all over the body as a moisturiser or massage butter when warmed in the palms.
The presence of lemongrass deters insects and protect against some environmental threats; ylang
ylang is calming and promotes the appearance of healthy skin; geranium is anti aging, anti-anxiety and
also deters insects. Sea buckthorn tops it all off with its ability to reduce age spots and boost youthful
Apply to slightly moist skin after a shower or bath for an enriching experience which leaves your skin
feeling energized and smooth but not greasy. Enjoy the experience and take time to inhale the beautiful
aroma and natural benefits of each ingredient.

INGREDIENTS: Shea butter and oils: coconut, sea buckthorn, olive squalane, vitamin E, ylang ylang,
geranium and lemon grass.

Whipped Nourishing Body Butter (200g)

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