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Meet Veronica... Transformation & Empowerment Consultant

Helping people is her passion. As a companion in your life's journey, Veronica Williams encourages and promotes holistic wellness, in addition to wellbeing leading to personal transformation and professional development. Veronica has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge over 20 years having graduated from the University of Life.

She is also a qualified and certified Pastoral Supervisor, Trainer & Mentor supporting your Wellbeing & Wellness – mind, body, spirit.

"This epiphany happened in 2020 whilst sitting in a cafe having finished a conversation with colleagues who needed a listening ear and spiritual support. Since then, I have honed my skills to help others maximise their potential & live their best life yet through wellness & well-being".

What are the benefits in what you are bringing?

• To have a safe place that safeguards & promotes mental, emotional & spiritual wellbeing, aids your discovery of what is best & where help & support is given.

• To have a confidential space where love never stops believing the best of others.

How will what you are bringing help students in their present & future?

- Expect your life will never be the same.

• Personal transformation

• Professional development

• Clarity in purpose

• Experience greater emotional & psychological wellbeing are but a few of ways students will be helped.

What Services are you bringing?

The Sanctuary Mental Health Course - Faith & Mental Health: run twice a year.

• Do you know what is good mental health?

• Have you ever experienced depression, anxiety, stress?

• Have you ever desired to support someone with mental illness yet lacked the

know how to do so?

• Have you ever considered how faith communities support people with mental


If you answer yes to any of these questions, the Sanctuary Course for mental health is for you.

Over 8 weekly sessions understanding of the psychological, social & theological perspective on mental health and practical ways to help someone experiencing mental illness will be considered.

Cost: Free

Mental Health in the Workplace

• Want to know how to stay well at work?

Sign up to equip yourself with the tools to maintain wellness at work.

The course runs for 4 weeks and for the duration of 2 hours per session.

Topics covered: Mindfulness, resilience, digital wellbeing, working from home

Cost: Further information available on request.

Self-Care is to Care

• How is it we expect to take care of others whilst we are drinking from an empty cup? Self-care is not selfish. Self-care is essential. Sign up to design your own self care plan.

Cost: Further information available on request.

Pastoral Supervision - ongoing - 6 weekly cycle

• Do you need a safe, confidential place to discuss your work and have someone

come alongside you?

Once Reborn offers a Supervision service aimed at safeguarding your mental, emotional, vocational wellbeing through theological, psychological & sociological reflective inquiry & coaching.

Date: Ongoing

Cost: Further information available on request..

Also contact Cherry Tree Learning Centre for a free initial consultation & cost of group sessions.

Colour my Future

A toolkit for children between 5-8 years old designed to inspire their aspirations for their future including activities, storybook, workshops and more. The Author & lIlustrator of 'Colour my Future' toolkit is Roxanne Williams who will also facilitate the workshops.

Further information is available on request.


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