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Education is at the centre of the Tutorial Hub

Let's face it... if anyone has been affected by the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, it's our children. For all of us there have been adjustments, frustrations and myriad other emotions and effects.

Many have lost jobs or found themselves working from home, a situation welcomed by some and dreaded by others because of the lifestyle changes brought about by learning to work online, home schooling their children and being with them twenty-four-seven.

For the children, however, the disruption in their lives has been experienced on several levels, and the centre is ready and equipped to answer those problems. Thus, since education is at the centre of the tutorial hub, we have put several programs in place.

The online tutoring service offered by the centre is an interactive teaching and learning experience geared at students aged 6-16 years to meet their different learning needs. But we also want to ensure that each child gets exactly what they need at this juncture in their lives, so our programs are tailored for different purposes.

The 11+ Prep Club

The 11+ Prep club helps children aged 9-11 who are preparing for their upcoming exams. Lockdown has created gaps in knowledge for many students, causing them to also lose confidence in themselves and their ability to do well in the exams. Their online tutor will therefore conduct an initial assessment to see where your child's needs are, and develop a program of studies using a variety of activities including Practice Exam papers to bring them up to speed with their preparation. As the gaps in knowledge are filled, we are certain your child's confidence in their own ability to master this exam will grow exponentially, and they will be totally prepared and ready to face the test when the time comes.

The Catch-Up Club

With education at the centre of the tutorial hub, we will be offering another tutoring service. The 'Catch-Up' club is for students experiencing learning gaps across the general curriculum. These catch-up lessons will run at specific times during the year, in line with the school calendar. Thus, lessons will he held this half term from October 25-29. There will be no Catch-Up Club during the Christmas holidays as the centre will be closed to allow families to spend time together at this special time of year.

Throughout the school year, however, we are flexible for those parents who would like to arrange extra lessons for their child, especially those who have been unable to keep up with the school's curriculum. Our tutoring service aims to meet the needs of every child, so if you feel your child needs extra support just let us know and we will do everything possible to accommodate your request.

Our Homework Club

The CTLC Homework Club is designed to provide support to students aged 6-16 years studying the National Curriculum. Our professional tutors will ensure your child gets the help they need to stay on top of their schoolwork and hold them accountable for completing all homework assigned. Subjects covered include Mathematics, English Language and Literature, Business Studies, French, IT and Science. Our tutorial hub is committed to helping all of our students improve and excel in their studies, giving parents the peace of mind to go about the everyday business of living.

The Reading Club

For those students who may have fallen behind in reading, the CTLC Reading Club is the answer. Packed full of exciting activities to stimulate and encourage readers to develop a love or at least appreciation for this important skill, the club will accommodate readers at different age levels, grouped accordingly so that they are able to work along with their peer groups using materials carefully selected by our instructors.

The books chosen for each age group will be age-appropriate and will be screened to ensure that the contents are not offensive or too sensitive for the age level, so parents can have confidence and peace of mind that their children are in good hands.


Education is at the centre of the tutorial hub, and we are confident that your child will benefit from our services. With one-to-one lessons tutored to suit your child's needs, we will ensure that your child receives the help they need to progress confidently to the next level of learning.


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