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Nature's Traits Shea
Jermaine Wong
Veronica Williams
Jacqueline Crawford
Sonya Barnes-Locker

Meet Veronica... Transformation and Empowerment Consultant

Helping people is her passion. As a companion in your life's journey, Veronica Williams encourages and promotes holistic wellness, in addition to wellbeing leading to personal transformation and professional development. Veronica has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge over 20 years having graduated from the University of Life.


She is also a qualified and certified Pastoral Supervisor, Trainer & Mentor supporting your Wellbeing & Wellness – mind, body, spirit.

Meet Sonya...Our Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist

Sonya Barnes-Locker is a qualified, clinically trained Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, Health Coach and Health Educator. Sonya is passionate about the power of nutrition and its impact on body functions, and believes that the food we eat and our lifestyle can make a real difference to our health and wellbeing.

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Meet Jermaine Wong... Explore the passion, the intrigue, the emotion of the creative arts called Drama

Welcome to a whole new exciting world of the dramatic arts! Do you want to express yourself in a way that will feed your emotions? Look no further! We have a Drama Beginners & Masterclass workshop - either one will ignite your passions! International award winning CEO, Artistic & Creative Director Jermaine Wong will take you on a journey like no other! With over 20 years experience, knowledge and expertise he will introduce you to not only the exhilarating world of drama but poetry and performance as well. So why wait any longer? Book now while spaces are still available!

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Meet Jacqueline Crawford

Beauty Products

Meet Deidrea Allen...

Natural skincare and haircare expert

Hi, I’m Deidrea; a lover of nature, mother, Christian and educator who appreciates the blessings of life and what it has to offer. I am the creator of Nature’s Traits Shea.  Nature’s Traits Shea was developed because of my love for and appreciation of nature. A few years ago, pure essential oils helped to reshape my well-being. This transpired into a drive to utilize nature’s assets; from essential oils, natural household and skincare products to transition back to my natural crown (hair).  I struggled to find natural products that were simple yet prestigious and effective so I started researching the benefits of different kinds of natural butters and oils for skin and hair. To develop my knowledge further, I studied for a diploma in organic skincare. The more I delved deeper into the course the more I realized that I didn’t want to only make a difference to my life but to that of others.

So, here I am sharing  Nature’s Traits Shea’s with you to help in caring for your skin and hair naturally.  NTS products are nature enthused and nurture infused. The body butters are serenely smooth, enriching, loved by all skin types and moisturising; the balms are soothing and promote soft hands and lips; the scrubs are exfoliating and replenishing while the oils are nourishing for your hair and skin.

Much pride is taken in the creation of each product. Only natural and organic ingredients are used and suppliers are carefully chosen, ensuring that the protection of our planet is in mind. For example, one tree being planted each time ingredients are purchased for Nature’s Traits Shea products.  Nothing less than quality essential oils,  along with natural and organic ingredients are used to formulate NTS’s waterless and high quality    products. Nature’s Traits Shea products, as well as enriching and naturally enhancing for your skin and hair, also appeal to your emotions—they are uplifting, yet calming.

CARE for your wellbeing, your skin, face, hair, lips, nails and hands. Treat them right with  Nature’s Traits Shea - Traits of nature all the way through!